12 Apr 2006

Goro Nickel sites in New Caleconia remain closed

9:33 am on 12 April 2006

A Goro Nickel spokesperson in New Caledonia says they want the project to go ahead, but are not ready to re-open the sites at present.

Goro Nickel shut down work on the two billion US dollar project more than a week ago after massive vandalism by protestors opposed to aspects of it.

Goro Nickel spokesperson, Catherine Guillaume, says the damage is estimated to be about ten million US dollars and water is still cut off the site.

She says the site will remain closed until they can guarantee safety for their workers.

"It is not a question of getting thousand policemen everywhere. It It's a question of social ambience. Today, it is not completely satisfactory."

Ms Guillaume says they have not changed their plans to hire Filipino workers, something the Kanak activists oppose because they say it takes jobs from locals and will bring social ills.