22 Mar 2006

Fined Solomon politician to appeal decision

4:13 pm on 22 March 2006

A Solomon Islands politician, Alfred Sasako, says he will appeal last week's decision by the Leadership Code Commission which fined him 270 US dollars for breaching the code by having an extramarital affair.

Mr Sasako, who is seeking a third term as an MP in next month's elections, was sacked as caretaker infrastructure minister at the weekend for allegedly having an adverse effect on the good name of the caretaker administration.

Mr Sasako says he doesn't accept the ruling.

"Very questionable. I want to say that I will be appealing the decision on a number of grounds. The ruling was essentially a convenience to convey what did not sit well with certain donors who are controlling our administration at the moment."

Mr Sasako alleges that Australia, and to a lesser extent Taiwan, repeatedly interferes in the internal affairs of Solomon Islands.