20 Mar 2006

American Samoa wary of consequence of Samoa's reponse to US report

3:35 pm on 20 March 2006

There is concern over a possible backlash in American Samoa over comments the Samoan prime minister, Tuilapea Sailele, made about a US report.

And some members of the territory's House and Senate are calling on Tuilaepa to apologise.

The US report referred to Samoa as a one party state and said the treatment of women raised human rights concerns.

Tuilaepa responded by saying the US should focus on fixing internal problems in America, instead of meddling in the affairs of other countries.

Our correspondent in Pago Pago, Monica Miller says the senators have stated that the US has done a lot to help countries in the Pacific.

"They also said because of the affiliation between American Samoa and the US and the fact that there are so many Samoan citizens living in American Samoa that the prime minister's comments may negatively impact the benefits that Samoan citizens here receive because they live and work in Pago Pago."

Monica Miller.