11 Mar 2006

Samoa PM warns chief over threat to take over airport on election day

10:43 am on 11 March 2006

Samoa's Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele has issued his strongest warning yet to a senior matai over a continuing dispute involving land near Faleolo International Airport.

Tuilaepa told Toalepaiali'i Toeolesulusulu Siueva not to tempt government because government and the law will always win.

The Samoa Observer reports that the PM was responding to a threat by Toalepaialii to take over Faleolo International Airport by force on March 31st, the date of the general election.

The Satapuala high chief said this would happen if Samoa Trust Estate Corporation workers don't vacate 6,000 acres that Satapuala villagers claim belong to them.

Tuilaepa says Government is taking Toalepaiali'i's threats seriously.