10 Mar 2006

Fiji Labour Party prepares new line-up for May election

11:21 am on 10 March 2006

Fiji's Labour Party says it is due to announce a new line up after being inundated by would-be candidates for the general elections.

The FLP says it is not disappointed at the recent announcement by five of its members that they will not be contesting the upcoming elections.

Labour veteran politician Krishna Datt announced his retirement from politics late last year and has been followed by Pratap Chand, Dr Ganesh Chand, Prince Lakshman, Kamlesh Arya and Satendra Singh.

Labour spokesman Lekh Ram Vayeshnoi says its their right not to stand and the party has plenty of other options.

"For those who have chosen not to, they have chosen perhaps maybe on their own peril. But let me make it clear that the Fiji Labour Party is well prepared for the general elections in so far as candidates are concerned."

Mr Vayeshnoi says the party has received up to ten applications per seat, with 71 seats in the House of Representatives.