7 Mar 2006

New Zealand offers to help restore education services in Nauru

8:02 pm on 7 March 2006

The New Zealand Government aid agency, NZAID, has offered to help restore the battered education sector in Nauru.

Nauru's Government late last year called for international donor support as it sought to arrest the decline in its economy and key social services.

In its first ever aid assistance to the once wealthy island, New Zealand last year started funding three advisors in the justice sector.

Craig Hawke, the Pacific Director of NZAID, says the agency also wants to try and boost education services.

He says the plan is to provide supplementary Budget funding allowing Nauru to implement its three year strategic plan.

"So it would provide provision of services to allow new school materials, infrastructure grants, redevelopment of the curriculum, and also the provision of some technical assistance within the sector."