21 Feb 2006

New Zealand's foreign minister calls for U.S. to give credit where due

2:27 pm on 21 February 2006

The New Zealand Foreign Minister, Winston Peters, has called for the United States to give New Zealand more credit for its work in the Pacific.

In a scene setting speech in Wellington on his foreign policy goals, Mr Peters earmarked the Pacific as a personal priority for the year.

He also pointed out the need for New Zealand to get greater mutual benefit from its relationship with the United States.

"Our connection with the Pacific in dealing with the United States is important, and I suspect it may be something that they have, for so long, overlooked but in which we have placed so much effort and time and effort that we should remind them of what we've done and remind them of why we're doing it. So, that they might better understand how 4.2 million people do matter in this world ."

Winston Peters also observed that the United Kingdom needs to keep up its responsiblities, despite a lessening role in the Pacific region.