9 Jan 2006

More co-operation between the two Samoas

11:38 am on 9 January 2006

Samoan immigration authorities hope their new consulate to open in American Samoa this month, will expedite the free movement of people and goods between the two Samoas.

The office will issue entry permits for US nationals from American Samoa to visit Samoa, which has been a requirement since May last year.

The consulate will also help citizens of Samoa who reside in American Samoa with immigration matters.

Samoa's Chief Executive Officer for Immigration, Vaasatia Poloma Komiti, says the office will enable greater co-operation between independent Samoa and the US territory on a range of issues.

"In addition to the matter of permits, the Consular General will also be dealing with other issues like tourism, agricultural matters, the weather offices, seeing as how the two Samoas are so close."

Samoa had to gain approval from the US State Department for the office, a process which took months.