29 Dec 2005

Fiji MP calls on Prime Minister to deal with military/home affairs crisis

11:25 am on 29 December 2005

The leader of Fiji's United People's Party has called on the prime minister, Laisenia Qarase, to cut short his holiday to solve the deepening crisis between the government and the military.

Mick Beddoes' call came as Commodore Bainimarama threatened to remove the chief executive of the home affairs ministry, Lesi Korovavala, and the minister himself, Josefa Vosanibola, if he did not listen to the military's advice on national security matters.

Mr Vosanibola yesterday called on the vice president, Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi, to intervene in the impasse.

Mr Beddoes says the resolution of such a serious conflict has to be dealt with immediately, not when the prime minister completes his holidays next week.

Mr Beddoes says the government has never been impartial in its dealings with matters relating to the May 2000 coup and the November mutiny and has done everything it can to disrupt their smooth investigation and prosecution.

Mr Beddoes has cited a number of examples of that, adding that the latest is the Reconciliation and Unity Bill to appease the sympathisers of the coup.