13 Dec 2005

Call for resistance members in Bougainville to be patient and not undermine new Government

7:23 pm on 13 December 2005

A former commander with the Resistance in the Papua New Guinea province of Bougainville, Thomas Raban, is calling on Resistance members threatening the Autonomous Government to be patient.

Some resistance members say they are still owed millions for assistance they gave the PNG Defence Force during the civil war.

This week the group has threatened to blockade the airport and undermine the by-election early next year for the regional MP, unless the ABG pays up.

Mr Raban says redundant workers and business operators are also owed money and the Resistance members need to be patient and remember the commitments everyone made in the various peace deals.

"They asked for that peace and reconciliation to come, and they should take - we should take - the proper steps to addressing this issue, instead of having holdups at election offices or threatening the administration about having to close the airport or other institutions - I think it's not right."