8 Dec 2005

French Polynesian unions threaten new strike in reform package controversy

1:47 pm on 8 December 2005

Unions in French Polynesia have warned that they may go on strike next month again following new disagreements over the government's reform package.

Their threats come as employers also say the reform package no longer stands because of the weekend changes approved to the document in separate talks with unions.

The unions had been on an unlimited general strike until the government made concessions after four days and abandoned plans to start charging a small tax from next year.

A fresh round of tripartite talks in Tahiti this week failed to bring about agreement, with the employers saying the changes mean that there are now two protocols.

The unions have told local television that they may take strike action if the issue cannot be resolved.

During last week's strike, the union set up roadblocks around Papeete which were illegal but tolerated by the authorities.