11 Nov 2005

Vanuatu capital council set to elect new mayor

4:52 pm on 11 November 2005

In Vanuatu, the Vanuaaku Pati has signed an eleventh hour coalition agreement that is expected to see one its members elected Port Vila's new mayor by the council which is due to meet shortly.

The Vanuaaku Pati's national co-ordinator Merylin Arnahambat says the party has signed an agreement with the National United Party, the Vanuatu Republican Party and the National Community Association party which gives it 8 votes on the 14-seat council.

The agreement follows the Vanuaaku Pati's withdrawal yesterday from an agreement it had reached with the Union of Moderate Parties and the Green Confederation to form a coalition on the council following Municipal elections two weeks ago.

Mrs Arnahambat says the Vanuaaku Pati's Paul Avock Hungai is set to be elected the new mayor of Vanuatu's capital.