26 Oct 2005

ANZ bank and UNDP team up for regional banking and financial literacy services

5:11 pm on 26 October 2005

The ANZ bank and the United Nations Development Programme, the UNDP, are to sign a regional agreement on delivering banking services and financial literacy workshops to rural communities.

The ANZ's regional executive of Banking the Unbanked, Carolyn Blacklock, says they've already set up a scheme in Fiji using mobile banks and 40,000 people have opened accounts in remote areas which previously had no banking services.

She says they're about to launch a similar scheme in Solomon Islands, and there are projects underway in Samoa, American Samoa, Tonga and Vanuatu.

Ms Blacklock says the ANZ and the UNDP plan to expand the programme to cover the region.

"We sign our regional memorandum of understanding with UNDP to partner right across the Pacific where we will do everything in our power to provide sustainable banking services to remote communities, to the unbanked. And, they will provide financial literary services to those same communities."

Carolyn Blacklock, the ANZ's regional executive of Banking the Unbanked.