17 Oct 2005

Fiji women's group critical of poverty alleviation campaign

2:28 pm on 17 October 2005

The Fiji Women's crisis centre says poverty alleviation is not a cause for celebration.

The ministry of women and poverty alleviation is spending 36,000 US dollars to mark one week of events which begin today.

The yearly event involves activities, such as marches, holding workshops and training.

But the Centre's assistant coordinator, Edwina Kotoisuva, says they question whether the money being disbursed for the week-long campaign could be better spent.

"Well it is to create awareness and campaign against poverty but campaigning against poverty with who? With members of the public? I think you need more money to campaign government over poverty eradication."

Edwina Kotoisuva says the money could have gone to people waiting for the poverty alleviation fund or towards improving how the fund is serviced.