23 Sep 2005

Identities of coup suspects confidential, says Fiji minister

9:24 am on 23 September 2005

Fiji's minister for home affairs has refused to tell parliament the names of people convicted or charged for coup related offences, saying their identities are sensitive and confidential.

The issue was raised in an opposition question but Josefa Vosanibola said such information was personal and it would be prejudicial to privacy if it were to be released by the state and its agencies like the police.

Mr Vosanibola said the persons implicated have been dealt with and while some were acquitted, others were convicted and have served their sentences.

He said there were 25 different types of offences in which 566 people had been charged.

The offences included treason, misprision of treason, sedition, inciting mutiny, taking unlawful oaths, murder, going armed in public, consorting with people carrying firearms and unlawful assembly.