20 Sep 2005

American Samoa governor cracks down on rude workers

8:28 am on 20 September 2005

American Samoa's Governor has stressed to government directors in a recent cabinet meeting, the importance of "good customer service" in each department and agency.

Togiola Tulafono is concerned about rude government employees and failure to follow up on people's business.

Togiola said he "emphasised" during the meeting, "the importance of our service to the people" and asked the cabinet to work with employees on ways to improve departmental performance.

One cabinet member, later said that the public was tired of being mistreated by some department employees, starting from answering the telephone to those serving the public face-to-face.

Togiola says he's putting together a programme to train directors, deputies and senior management on workplace ethics and improving accountability in government services to the territory.