12 Sep 2005

New Caledonian Workers release position on Filipino workers tomorrow

7:31 am on 12 September 2005

New Caledonia's Union of Kanak and Exploited Workers will tomorrow release its final position on the thousands of Filipino workers being hired for a major nickel mining project.

The government has passed a law granting special status to foreign workers on the venture, but the union wants details clarified.

A union leader, Pierre Chauvat, says there are a few hundred too many workers coming to the Goro-Nickel site.

"We're not against the Filipino workers coming but only on certain specific jobs because we consider that other labour jobs could be filled by local employment, and of course these Filipino workers have to be in accordance with local working regulations here in New Caledonia."

Mr Chauvat says unions are still trying to establish what the implications will be for local workers.