2 Sep 2005

Vanuatu Public Service Commission given scolding over discipline

1:19 pm on 2 September 2005

The chairman of Vanuatu's Public Service Commission, Charles Maon, says the right steps are being taken to address lack of discipline in the service.

Mr Maon has received a letter from the Prime Minister, Ham Lini, expressing concern over the failure of the PSC to take disciplinary action on civil servants who break its code of conduct.

Mr Lini stated that the lack of discipline in the PSC has adversely affected the overall performance of his government, and hampered delivery of services to the community.

Mr Maon says they are addressing the issue of improvements internally.

"Well I said everything is under control and everything is on track and we're trying to put the best of our abilities to put things right, and we have clear visions now, and we've got to pick up from local staff, as well as advisors from opposition and so we're confident we're going to put our record straight."