30 Aug 2005

Cook Islands MP looking for support for bid at Commonwealth Parliamentary Association

3:25 pm on 30 August 2005

The former deputy prime minister of the Cook Islands, Sir Geoffrey Henry, is hopeful that there will be increasing support for his bid for a post at the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association.

Sir Geoffrey says he was asked to stand for the post of chairman of the CPA's executive committee by committee members.

There are 275 delegates from 170 parliaments from around the world, who will be attending the CPA conference in Fiji, which begins at the end of this week.

Sir Geoffrey says he's standing against one other candidate, Hashim Abdul Halim, who's the parliamentary speaker for the Indian state of West Bengal, and isn't sure how he will do.

"'It is a late bid and I'm not even sure about the support, in fact. There are certain rules regarding the bid that one has to make, and they're pretty restrictive. You really can't go around campaigning. You're allowed to send a letter, only one letter to each branch, but apart from that, there's not much more you can do."

The vote for the three-year position will take place on the 8th September at the plenary conference.