25 Jul 2005

Solomons PM condemns illegal gun manufacturing

3:56 pm on 25 July 2005

Solomon Islands prime minister Sir Allen Kemakeza has told parliament that the manufacture of guns is illegal and manufacturers can be arrested for it.

He says that the use of explosives to kill fish is also illegal.

Sir Allen was answering questions from former prime minister, Bartholemew Ulufaalu, who wanted to know whether it was illegal to manufacture guns and explosives.

Mr Ulufaalu said it was a well known fact that his people of Auki in the Malaita province continue to use explosives to kill fish for consumption or to sell in markets.

Meanwhile, RAMSI's assistant special coordinator, Mataiasi Lomaloma, says he reiterated the call to all illegal gun holders to hand in their guns to police.

He says economic development cannot take place if foreign investors are too frightened to invest their money because of the presence of high-powered guns.

Mr Lomaloma said the killing of an Australian police officer and injuring a member of the Pacific island police force showed there were still illegal guns in the country.