7 Jul 2005

Samoan doctors unhappy with level of pay rise

4:24 pm on 7 July 2005

Samoa's Medical Association says it does not accept the government's latest offer of a 42-percent pay rise.

The association has unanimously voted against accepting the pay increase which is in line with the offer to other public servants and and to be phased in over three years.

The pay offer has failed to take into account a proposal by doctors made to the Salary Tribunal last year.

Dr Emosi Puni, who is the director of Med-Cen hospital, says the dispute over what doctors should get paid is ongoing.

"They're paid totally out of proportion to the rest of the public service. I think the timing of the increase together with the public service increase is probably what they're talking about because I suppose if their increase was much earlier, I think the general wage increase would've put their salaries up as well."

Dr Emosi Puni