15 Jun 2005

PNG MP in search of mercenaries' funds

4:01 pm on 15 June 2005

A Papua New Guinea MP has raised questions in parliament about money which he says was confiscated from the Sandline mercenaries and deposited in an account at the Central Bank.

North Bougainville MP, James Togel, asked the Treasurer, Bart Philemon, what had happened to 400 thousand US dollars allegedly confiscated from the mercenaries who had been brought in to quell the Bougainville uprising.

The National newspaper reports that he suggested to Mr Philemon that as the money had been intended for use against the Bougainville population, it and any accrued interest, should now be used to develop the province's infrastructure.

The Treasurer said that he was not aware of any such money or account but would investigate and report back.