14 Jun 2005

Referendum needed in Vanuatu to finally approve

2:32 pm on 14 June 2005

The government of Vanuatu has once again come under pressure with the tabling of a motion of no confidence.

The Prime Minister, Ham Lini, who has been in office just six months, is confident the motion will fail.

But last year, the government tried to introduce a law that would have prevented motions of no confidence being brought for a year after a new government came into office.

Our correspondent in Port Vila, Len Garae, says that legislation hasn't completed all the steps needed before it can come into force:

"The law has yet to be supported by a national referendum and that hasn't taken place yet and its not clear when it is going to take place, so until then, the opposition, any political leader can call a vote of no confidence in our government."

Len Garae