6 Jun 2005

High financial risk status could be lifted from American Samoa's Department of Education

2:01 pm on 6 June 2005

Officials from the United States Department of Education are in American Samoa to investigate the possibility of lifting the territory's high risk status.

The local Department of Education has been deemed to be a high financial risk for the past two years, because of the local government's failure to produce audits for five years, stretching from 1998 to 2002.

The head of the local task force which has been working towards overcoming the problem, Manupo Turituri, says there are indications the designation may be removed.

Mr Turituri said that the audits and financial statements have been brought up to date.

He said the audits for 2003 are scheduled to be cleared this month, leaving just the 2004 audits, which are due to be completed in December.