26 May 2005

Wallisians in New Caledonia meet to discuss political standoff on home island

1:25 pm on 26 May 2005

Wallisians in New Caledonia have been holding meetings to discuss the ongoing political standoff in their home territory.

French officials are trying to negotiate with the king of Wallis, who's accused of harbouring a criminal - his grandson - in his palace.

But the French authorities are being accused of ignoring customary laws and trying to unseat the king.

Wallisians have been grouping in New Caledonia both in support of the king and in support of the French.

A spokesman for the Faa Fenua association of Wallisians in New Caledonia, Kamilo Tamole, says he's very concerned at the situation.

Mr Tamole says there's confusion because so little information is getting through about what's happening.