18 Apr 2005

No benefits for communities from large scale logging says PNG environmental group

7:24 pm on 18 April 2005

The Papua New Guinea Eco Forestry Forum says despite Government claims of the benefits brought by logging, rural communities are left worse off when the timber companies move on.

The Forum, which advocates small scale sustainable forestry, says the justification for industrial logging is that it brings development to the undeveloped parts of the country.

But Forum spokesman Kenn Mondiai says 25 years of intensive logging has not brought the promised developments.

He says what is built is substandard.

Mr Mondiai says there has to be more collaboration between Government departments to ensure the benefits reach the people and that they match national standards.

"Like Health should be collaborating with Forestry, the Department of Works - the civil engineers - should be collaborating with the Forestry guys in the field to ensure that the standards of the roads are in line with what is required by the Government standards. The buildings that are to be put in place for aid posts or to house the school kids should be line with the requirements the Government has in place."