15 Apr 2005

Guam Delegate Bordallo introduces WWII Loyalty Recognition Act

2:33 pm on 15 April 2005

Guam's Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo has introduced legislation in a bid to bring justice to those who survived the Japanese occupation on Guam.

The US Department of Interior drafted the language of The Guam World War II Loyalty Recognition Act, or House Resolution 1595, at Mrs Bordallo's request.

There is strong local support for the passage of the resolution.

Governor Felix Camacho and the legislature have expressed full support of the Guam War Claims Review Commission's recommendations.

The Young Men's League of Guam collected over 1,800 signatures, supporting the recommendations, while 47 Members of Congress signed on as original co-sponsors of the legislation.

Three obstacles however impede the success of the war claims issue, including gaining the Bush Administration's support to reopen Guam's War Claims, and the cost involved.