25 Mar 2005

Pacific nations need to protect internet domain names, says Samoa advisor

11:56 am on 25 March 2005

The national advisor to the Samoan government on internet technology says Pacific Island countries need to protect their associated website domain names.

Fuatai Purcell says governments and businesses need to harness the pulling power of top-level domain names, such as dotTV for Tuvalu and dotNU for Niue, and Fiji dotCom and Tonga dotCom.

"And I think that lack of awareness, of revenues that can be had, in management of TLDs, that let some of the Pacific Islands countries selling their full rights to their TLDs, like the dot tv dot nu and that type of thing."

Ms Purcell told a UN conference on internet governance that the Pacific stands to benefit from the internet because it spans great distances and small businesses can compete on the same level as those in bigger countries.