23 Feb 2005

PNG police union rejects ministerial call for corruption amnesty

9:01 pm on 23 February 2005

The Papua New Guinea police association is rejecting a suggestion by the police minister of an amnesty for senior officers being investigated for corruption.

The internal security minister, Bire Kimisopa, says the police force's chief of legal services has been suspended from duty after he was linked with Asian crime rings.

Mr Kimisopa says a public tribunal should be set up to hear complaints against police, but at the same time the government could also - as he puts it - 'wipe the slate clean'.

The president of the police association, Sergeant Robert Ali, says a decisive investigation process will keep up respect for for the force.

"The police force in general is a respected profession, but because of these activities, it may have a negative impact on the, er, on the organisation itself, so what we would like to see, as the union, is that people who have been suspected, and identified, they need to be investigated, and if they have some connection in one way or another with those people, then they need to be seriously dealt with by way of our discipline code of ethics and discharged from the force."