21 Feb 2005

Former MP urges Tongan women voters to back female candidates

4:35 pm on 21 February 2005

A former woman Tongan MP, Papiloa Foliaki, says it is vital that Tongan women support the six female candidates contesting next months elections.

Papiloa Foliaki is the only Tongan woman to have been elected as a people's representative.

She won just the one election, in 1978, and then failed in several subsequent bids before opting out of politics.

Mrs Foliaki says the only hope the six women have of getting in to parliament is to win the female vote.

"But you can't force them to elect you, especially women. Because if every woman in Tonga who can vote give one vote to support the women, we will manage to keep a woman in the house all the time."

Papiloa Foliaki.