16 Feb 2005

Senior police officer gives evidence in trial of ex-militant in Solomon Islands

8:39 pm on 16 February 2005

A senior police officer has told a court in Solomon Islands the former militant, Harold Keke, admitted killing the cabinet minister, Father Augustine Geve.

Police superintendent Nathaniel Mosese has told the High Court in Honiara that he heard at headquarters a radio call on the twenty-first of August, 2002.

Superintendent Mosese said he got Keke on the radio and told him police had information that Father Geve had been shot by someone on the Weathercoast of Guadalcanal the day before.

Superintendent Mosese told the court that Keke had then said to him that he killed Father Geve, and Keke added that this type of person should not stay long in the world.

The officer said Keke had then told him that he had opened Father Geve's briefcase, finding money and documents Keke said Father Geve had stolen.

Under cross-examination from the Public Solicitor, Ken Averre, Mr Mosese said he hadn't recorded details of his conversation with Keke in his police notebook.

Mr Mosese said it was an unfortunate truth and it may have been an oversight on his part.

Keke and two associates, Ronnie Cawa, and Francis Lela, have pleaded innocent to the murder of Father Geve.

The trial continues.