11 Feb 2005

French Polynesian TV advised to remain impartial

10:41 am on 11 February 2005

The French Broadcasting Authority has issued a further warning ahead of the French Polynesian election.

The Authority, the CSA, has advised one of the public broadcasters, Tahiti Nui TV, to remain impartial.

This follows complaints about the way a leaders' debate last month was conducted, which allegedly favoured the President Gaston Flosse.

Meanwhile, Mr Flosse is yet to decide whether he'll use his right of reply, following a CSA ruling that a French TV broadcast about the disappearance of a journalist in Tahiti seven years ago, could influence the election, because it implicated Mr Flosse in the case.

The item was shown on French Polynesian television via satellite and included an interview with Mr Flosse whilst the investigation into the journalist's case is still under investigation.

The Aia Api party says it may take legal action against Mr Flosse for admitting in the interview that his presidency has been gathering data about individuals in violation of French privacy law.