19 Jan 2005

FBCL could appeal a second time

11:36 am on 19 January 2005

The Fiji Broadcasting Corporation Limited says it cannot rule out a second appeal in court, if it isn't granted the Public Service Broadcasting contract the second time around.

The Goverment's Major Tenders Board granted the contract to private operator, Communications Fiji Limited, but this was over turned in court and fresh tenders have been asked for.

The Chief Executive of the FBCL, Francis Herman, says the FBCL is the state broadcaster, and it provides an important service to the public.

"We are very confident of getting the contract, given the infrastructure and expertise we have in house to be able to deliver a reputable service. Any issue or question of appeal will depend on the legalities. If we lost it fair and square we would not mind, we would not kick up a fuss, but we didn't lose it fair and square ."

Francis Herman says the FBCL offers wider coverage area than a private operator can, and the people can also be heard on public radio.