10 Jan 2005

Fiji police say crime spree may help get them resources

4:57 pm on 10 January 2005

The Fiji Police Commissioner says he hopes a spate of violent acts will trigger the government to send more resources his way.

The Australian High Commissioner was attacked at the weekend following a week where four murders were committed.

Andrew Hughes says his department is severely under-resourced and is struggling to cope.

Mr Hughes says his department only gets 35-point-5 million US dollars a year with just over 2-thousand officers policing over a million people.

Mr Hughes says they have no forensic capacity and the force constantly has transport problems.

He says hopefully this will change in the near future.

"Well I hope it's a wake-up call for some people in corridors of power. We have got to get the fundamentals right and law and order is one of the fundamentals in any society."

Meanwhile a young male has been apprehended in relation to the attack on Australian High Commissioner Jennifer Rawson.

Ms Rawson has been flown to Sydney for medical treatment after suffering multiple fractures to the jaw in what police are describing as a random robbery.