7 Jan 2005

American Samoa chief says extent of corruption a surprise

12:59 pm on 7 January 2005

The former chairman of the American Samoa Senate Select Investigative Committee says the group was surprised at the extent of government corruption it uncovered during its term.

The high-profile committee ended its work with the legislature which concluded at the end of last month, although it is still to produce its final report.

The former committee chairman, paramount chief Lualemaga Faoa, who also is now no longer a Senate member, says the final report will recommend the committee be re-established.

Lualemaga says the committee uncovered considerable corruption at high levels of the Government.




We were surprised, the SSIC was surprised, at the amount of corruption within the American Samoa Government. We were surprised, that is why we would like to see the SSIC continue, for the betterment of the people and the Government of American Samoa.

Lualemaga Faoa.