13 Dec 2004

Protestor says French Polynesian building occupations will not end unless elections called

8:28 pm on 13 December 2004

One of those involved in the French Polynesian occupations says the buildings will not be freed unless France allows for fresh elections.

Claude Dauphin, who is a senior public servant and the vice-president in a self-proclaimed government, says France is trying to trick people into letting Gaston Flosse reclaim the presidential palace.

Mr Dauphin says France has no intention of changing the autonomy statute which has strengthened the presidential powers.

"We are waiting for France to change the statutory law, that the power of the president is reduced, that the assembly becomes the premier institution in the territory followed by the president, the prime minister and then the economic and social council."

He says once the law has been changed, the occupations will end.