2 Dec 2004

Fiji military opposed to coup backers assuming vice-presidency

9:33 am on 2 December 2004

Fiji's military is reported to be strongly opposed to anyone from the pro-coup Conservative Alliance Party or anyone implicated in the Speight coup becoming the next vice president of the country.

Fiji TV quotes an un-named military officer as saying the objection is based on the belief that the new vice president will also become the country's next president and therefore the commander-in-chief of the military.

The vice presidency became vacant when the convicted former holder of the office, Seniloli, resigned on Monday after his premature release from a four-year prison sentence for taking an illegal oath to become the usurper president during the coup.

Meanwhile, a report from Radio Legend says jailed government senator Takiveikata is making a bid to have his life sentence for mutiny related convictions overturned by the Fiji Court of Appeal.

Takiveikata's lawyers are to appear before the president of the appeal court, Justice Gordon Ward, to seek Takiveikata's release on bail till the appeal is heard sometime next year.

Justice Ward is expected to give his decision on the bail application next week.