15 Oct 2004

Ousted French Polynesia leader renews call for territorial poll

7:12 am on 15 October 2004

The ousted French Polynesian president, Oscar Temaru, has again asked the French president to dissolve the territorial assembly and call fresh elections after the collapse of his government.

In a letter to Paris, Mr Temaru says the Polynesian voters are fond of democratic values and can't understand how their choice has been undermined.

The opposition defeated the government in a vote of no-confidence at the weekend.

The new anti-Temaru majority has decided to convene an assembly sitting on the 19th of October to elect a new president.

The speaker says the decision is illegal because it was taken after he had closed the session.

In a French newspaper interview, Mr Temaru has denounced what he calls the mafia methods used by the Chirac clan to bring about the return of the Flosse administration.