9 Sep 2004

New Zealand aid agency's effectiveness to be reviewed

8:41 pm on 9 September 2004

A former New Zealand MP, Dr Marilyn Waring, is to undertake a ministerial review of the New Zealand Aid agency, NZAID.

The Government aid minister, Marian Hobbs, says she is delighted Dr Waring, who heads Massey University's Public Policy Programme, has accepted the role.

The Minister says Ms Waring has extensive experience with growth and development issues, women's work, economics and human rights.

NZAID was set up just over two years ago as a semi autonomous agency within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Ms Hobbs says the review will check that NZAID is achieving the government's aim of a more effective aid programme.

Ms Waring will review operations in Wellington and assess the value of NZAID programmes in the Pacific, which is the agency's primary focus.