24 Aug 2004

Samoa government not ruling out developing all Salelologa land it has acquired

8:15 pm on 24 August 2004

A senior government official in Samoa is not ruling out developing a new nature reserve in the future.

The government says it'll use only about three per cent of the land it's bought at Salelologa for development, with the rest becoming a national park.

It was understood the government wanted to use the nearly 3-thousand acres for a new town.

But now the government will only subdivide 100 acres and lease the plots to businesses.

The CEO for the Environment Ministry, Tuuu Ieti Taulealo, says he can't guarantee the land won't be developed in future:

"Well look I can, can not really give any guarantees on behalf of the government. All I can do is to say, and I've said before, that Cabinet has approved that you know, that most of the land will be a public reserve."