18 Aug 2004

Seniloli could continue as Fiji vice-president if let out on bail

7:52 pm on 18 August 2004

Fiji's Great Council of Chiefs has not ruled out the possibility of jailed vice president Seniloli continuing in his office if he is released on bail.

Radio Legend quotes the council chairman, Ratu Ovini Bokini, as saying the chiefs will await the outcome of the Appeal Court ruling before deciding on their next course of action.

The radio reported that part of the bail applications for Seniloli and jailed deputy Speaker of parliament Vakalabure said they should be released so they could continue in their high office.

Seniloli has been jailed for four years and Vakalabure for six for being sworn into Speight's usurper administration immediately after the May 2000 coup.

The vice president's private secretary, Suliasi Turagabeci, says Seniloli's family is still enjoying his privileges and is occupying the vice president's state residence and using his government vehicle