17 Aug 2004

Pacific media organisation PINA will need to be rebuilt after protracted merger

1:33 pm on 17 August 2004

The merger of the region's media services, the Pacific Islands Broadcasting Association, or PIBA, and the Pacific Islands News Association, or PINA, has affected the new organisation's credibility.

There have been delays for 18 months in forming a single organisation under the control of PINA.

But its President Apolu Lance Polu says the process should be complete within months once the PIBA accounts, which go back up to 15 years, are audited.

Lance Polu says the organisation's image will need to be rebuilt.

"because the delay has actually put a lot of things in question, in the view of the funders, our supporters in the past. They have been asking about how the merger has been going and it has delayed the funding for the various projects, but the merger will be ready I think in a couple of months"