16 Aug 2004

Fiji's CCF calls on government to hand vice-president a resignation letter

3:42 pm on 16 August 2004

Fiji's Citizens Constitutional Forum says the government should take a letter of resignation to Seniloli, and get him to sign it.

The CCF's director of programmes, Jone Dakuvula, says he cannot see any grounds for a pardon or a reduction in the sentence.

Mr Dakuvula says the government should simply resolve the matter.

"He can be removed for misbehaviour or for inability to perform his functions as vice-president. The Council of Chiefs can be recalled to decide on that, and that's the correct constitutional path to follow. But, the easiest way is for the government to take a letter of resignation to jail and let the vice-president sign it."

Jone Dakuvula.

The vice-president has also appealed his sentence and requested bail.