4 Aug 2004

Fiji Labour party raises further questions over multi-party cabinet offer

11:08 am on 4 August 2004

There is still no sign of progress in Fiji in the negotiations between the government and the Fiji Labour party over a multi-party cabinet.

The FLP's vice-president, Krishna Datt, says they're raising further concerns with the prime minister, Laisenia Qarase, about his offer.

He says the size of the proposed cabinet of 30 plus three independents remains an issue, and lawyers have informed them that bringing in the extra three could be unconstitutional.

Mr Datt also says the portfolios they've been offered are too small.


IN: They are very small, almost irrelevant, or appendages to bigger ministries, and now that the prime minister has confirmed that none of them will have a separate office or a separate CEO serving the minister; that they'll continue to be served by the same minister, it's almost like being assitant ministers.

DUR: 17

Mr Datt says they'll be writing to the prime minister later this week.