3 Aug 2004

Container ship aground off Futuna refuses to budge

1:08 pm on 3 August 2004

A container ship remains aground on a reef off the French territory of Wallis and Futuna.

The Southern Moana, which is operated by the New Caledonian company Pacific Direct Line, has been stuck for five days despite attempts by a Fijian tug to dislodge it.

The Nouvelles Caledoniennes reports another tug has left Brisbane but isn't expected to arrive for another six days.

The vessel - loaded with more than 500 containers including a large quantity of fuel - refuses to budge.

The fifteen crew are reported to be safe and well.

The ship is three years old and has a double hull to protect against any leakage.

However the incident has left the control damaged leaving the ship little room to manoeuvre.