15 Jul 2004

Solomons students to be reimbursed for unpaid study grants

3:54 pm on 15 July 2004

The Solomon Islands government will be paying students who've been studying overseas using their own funds while on state scholarships.

The Accountant General, Ian Davies, says over the last two years, some students have had to resort to using their own funds and need to be reimbursed.

Mr Davies explains why the process is taking some time.

"Well we're hoping the ministry has lists of who the students were, that would have been the basis for calculating the claims. So we're very confident the ministry's had the lists of the people. The issue then would be, if those people are no longer at school, is trying to find where they are, so they need to contact us, and then we can make sure that if their name is on our list and they're entitled to it they can have their payment made. That's why it's taking a little bit longer."

Mr Davies says some of the affected students may have already left school- but are legally entitled to the funds.