30 Jun 2004

Solomon opposition undecided about selection of new leader

1:23 pm on 30 June 2004

The Opposition in Solomon Islands says it has yet to decide how it will go about selecting a new leader following the decision by John Garo to cross the floor and join the Government.

Mr Garo has joined the Government as the new Minister of State Assisting the Prime Minister, Sir Allan Kemakeza.

The secretary to the Opposition, David Tuhanuku, says Mr Garo will remain Opposition leader until July the 8th when he assumes the new role.

Mr Tuhanuku says it's impossible to say whether the move was a surprise to the approximately 12 opposition MPs.

He says they will have to meet to decide how to go about finding a successor.

"It's very hard to say at this stage who are likely to be the candidates. They will just have to decide on the day, or if they decide on the process to select a new leader, who will be the candidates. If there are going to be candidates or if they unanimously decide on one single candidate. That's something that I would not be in a position to tell you at this stage."

David Tuhanuku.