25 Jun 2004

Palau vice-president denies threat to Festival of Arts

11:16 am on 25 June 2004

The Vice-President of Palau has moved to quash rumours that the republic is under threat from a terrorist stike during next month's Festival of Arts.

Sandra Pierantozzi says according to US intelligence the risk of a threat is low during the festival.

The event is expected to bring more than 3-thousand people to the country from July the 22nd to the 31st.

Mrs Pierantozzi says people should not listen to recent reports that the festival could be a target.

"I would like to assure everybody that so far we have not received any threats of terrorism to the Festival of the Arts. But, having said that, we are taking every possible precaution to make sure that Palau is a safe place for all of it visitors and all of the guests who will be coming to the Festival."

Sandra Pierantozzi says 1-thousand volunteers will be used to bolster security