14 Jun 2004

Fiji Oppostion leader calls for more resources to improve border control

3:46 pm on 14 June 2004

Fiji's opposition leader, Mick Beddoes, says more resources need to be put into border control.

He says survelliance of the border needs to become more streamlined and he's calling on the government to be more proactive.

Mr Beddoes commends the police force for cracking down on last week's drug bust that closed down one of the largest methamphetamine labs in the southern hemisphere.

But, he says that departments like the police, which monitor and control the borders, need to be more adequately resourced to crackdown on illegal activities.

"It also though is a very frightening thought that this can actually happen in our backyard. And its been going on for 14 months, and most of the people in the country have been none the wiser as to the extent the drug problem in Fiji has gone. We don't have an anti-drug squad, we don't have it properly resourced or funded, and these are the kinds of things that have a social implication that affects the government and the country"

Mick Beddoes the Rambuka government's ' Look North' policy which looked to promote Fiji as a haven for trade, did unfortunately let some shady characters into the country.