12 Jun 2004

Fiji police seek go-ahead to open drug accused's bank vault

9:42 am on 12 June 2004

There are reports Fiji police who cracked the US$600 million Asian drug syndicate this week are seeking a court order to open the bank vault of one of the accused.

The Fiji Sun reports that police want to view the contents of a safe deposit box rented to Jason Zhong at one of the leading commercial banks.

And it's been revealed that of the six accused who appeared in Suva court yesterday, four were Hong Kong Chinese on visitors permits in Fiji, one had a Canadian passport and one a Fiji passport.

The only woman among the accused was just 28.

A Fiji citizen who was arrested with them will appear in court later on amended charges.

Meanwhile, workers in the industrial area of Laucala Beach, where the methamphetamine laboratory was located, have expressed alarm that their lives, were in danger from the highly volatile and explosive nature of the chemicals that were used there.

They say the building was never open and Asians came there only at night in expensive cars which drove straight into the factory.